Al Pacino fans celebrate the 81st birthday of the talented actor

Al Pacino fans celebrate the 81st birthday of the talented actor

Al Pacino is all the rage on Twitter as thousands of fans celebrate his birthday. The now 81-year-old Oscar-winning actor is known for a variety of legendary roles. It’s hard to pick a favorite or the top five, but among them Godfather at Scarface at Once upon a time in Hollywood, Al Pacino is a way to make all the roles memorable.

As a fan favorite Hollywood star, Pasino began to follow this trend on his birthday, with tributes from fans. Like the tweet from All the Right Movies, they point to some different Pacino movies as their personal favorites: “Happy Birthday AL PACINO – 81 years old today. Lots of iconic performances, but they don’t come much better than Michael in The Godfather, and [restaurant] This scene is a special one. ”

Many other fans find it very difficult to choose their favorite Pacino movie, so they will miss out a lot. Happy 81st Birthday to Best Actor, Actor’s Favorite Actor, Theater Genius Alfredo James Pasino (Al Pasino) From Michael Corleone to Serpico to Tony Montana From Frank Slade to Carlito to Vincent Hannah to Lefty to Jimmy Hofa. An epic. “

“Happy 81st Birthday to a Best Actor, Actor’s Favorite Actor, Theater Genius Alfredo James Pasino (Al Pasino),” read a tweet from SpinoMovispot. From Michael Corleone to Serpico via Tony Montana, Frank Slade, Carlito, Vincent Hannah, Lefty, Jimmy Hofa. An epic. “

Others look beyond the movies and personally send their compliments and greetings to Pasino. Filmmaker Michael Matteo Rossi writes: “You are a genius beyond words in your work; / Marvel-Movie-Cast-Al-Pacino / Happy Birthday to Living Legend Al Pacino. “

“Happy birthday to one of Al Pacino’s best actors,” says another. “Your films were fascinating and I enjoyed many of them. May you have many blessings. “

Another article reads: “Happy Birthday to my favorite actor of all time. The actor who is the easiest to attract to the big screen, is very proud to be a fan of his, and many more to come alum. “

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IW Sheikh, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, tweeted, “AL PACINO BUBBA YOU CLASS REAL IRON SHEIK. Happy Birthday Legend of Legends. “

Pasino was last seen in the Amazon drama series Hunters In the recurring role of mayor of course. He also starred as Jimmy Hofa in the movie Martin Scorsese. Irish On Netflix, released in 2019. Fans can find out in the upcoming play American traitor: Sally Axis Trial In the lead role. Currently, Al Pacino is filming Ridley Scott’s next film, The House of Gucci, where he will appear alongside Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto and Jeremy Irons.

With so many great titles to choose from, this is a great day to revisit one of Pasino’s best films in honor of his special day. Happy Birthday to Al Pacino!

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