Aki turns off Traviso’s joy. Conach finally won

Aki turns off Traviso's joy.  Conach finally won

Within minutes of the end, the effort returned to Monigo, denying Bennettns their first win of the season.

The match between Beniton Treviso and Conach is a balanced and even match until the final whistle in Monigo. At the end of 80 hard work, the Irish team overcame everything in the final and won, denying Treviso his first win of the season.

Treviso starts well and immediately pushes on the accelerator. Connach is very wrong, giving the green and white balls and chances, but not even taking advantage of Crowley’s XV and wasting two good chances in the attack. 9 ‘Sarto wastes interactively, and instead of freeing Riera’s kicks with the line, the ball comes out straight, nothing. Shortly after Duanege blocks a ball, but fortunately confronts Marmion and then catches and Bennett saves. Treviso 15 was not saved when Irish Pick & Go demanded a free kick after Connach ‘s best break. The scrimmage for the Irish, with one more goal, goes 0-7 with goalkeeper Bilham. Read OA Sport.

Photo: Ettore Griffoni – LPS

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