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Melbourne \ Ice \ – “From July 1, 2022, owners Italian passport A. may request Working Holiday Visa ForAustralia Until the day before making 36 years old. Minister of Federal Immigration Alex Hawk He announced this in a statement issued on Friday, April 1, adding that the move could affect Danish passport holders as well. This is what he reports Dario Castaldo In an article published on the portal SBS ItalianA special broadcasting service that broadcasts news in Italian throughout Australia.
“Australia is ready to welcome more and more foreign students, travelers and immigrants with specific abilities.
“Australia will open its doors to more working holiday makers as part of its post-Pandemic tourism and trade recovery plan,” Hawk’s statement said.
Therefore, the Morrison government has changed the law that allows applicants to apply for a working holiday visa to Australia until the age of 31. The new law, which comes into force in 3 months, will extend this possibility to those over 35 years of age. A change that affected Canadian, Irish and French passport holders two years ago now applies to Italians (Dines) as well. .
Under the principle of reciprocity that underlies the relationship between the two governments, Australian citizens can also apply for a working holiday visa to Italy up to the age of 36.
“Visa applications have increased significantly over the next few weeks after the VAC announced the introduction of a visa refund mechanism for those arriving in Australia,” Hawk’s statement added. “(For) … We are opening a priority route for foreigners applying for a working holiday visa and their applications will be evaluated shortly.”
“Unemployment is at an all-time low, so come to Australia.”
“Australia’s confidence in the economic recovery after the Pandemic crisis is very high. Unemployment is at an all-time low.
“Industries and the government are studying incentives to stimulate the influx of foreign workers into Australia and we are ready to meet their needs.”
“At this stage we need to play an active role in the recovery of the economy and address the shortage of skilled workers in some key sectors. That is why the government is facilitating the arrival of professionals who can contribute to Australia’s recovery.
“There are more jobs available now than there were before the Kovid-19 Pandemic, and there is a lot of work ready for students and travelers. So come to Australia, ”Hawk concludes. (Easy)

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