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MACERATA \ aise \ – Official settlement for professor today John McCourt49th Rector from November 1University of Macerata From the unification of Italy. “Many people talk about me as a foreign rector of an Italian university. I want to be a European rector in a European university”, he said during his welcome speech. “A university with a very long history that must act in the present to build our common future. I envision a teamwork where all elements of the university work together for the good of the university, which is also the good of the city of Macerata.
John McCourt, a Dubliner by birth, one of James Joyce’s foremost experts, received from the outgoing rector. Francesco Adornato The bell, now traditionally symbolizing the exchange, has been honored by the university seal and two poetry collections, Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s “Sonnets from the Portuguese” and Eugenio de Signoribus’ “Lost Houses.”
His wife Alice was with him when the elder sons were busy abroad.
On the day of celebration of the dead, a touching memory went to the parents, “Without whom I would not be me. The past strengthens us in the present.” At the ceremony General Director Mauro Giustozzi, President of the Student Council Lorenzo Di Nello, Directors of the Departments Elena Cedrola for Economics and Law, Stefano Pollastrelli for Law, Lorella Gianandrea, Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Angelo Ventrone for Political Sciences, Communication and International Relations and Roberto Mancini for Humanistic Studies.
Community, sense of belonging and listening were key words in the opening speech. “We start from listening, dialogue and integration, we arrive at decisions for the common good. The Rector must guarantee everyone “, reiterated McCourt, and as a first act, signed a decree appointing four professors who will work with him in several strategic areas as Pro-Rectors: Catia Giacconi, Claudia Cesari and Natasia Mattucci , Claudio Zocchi.
Each Vice-Rector will be assisted by special representatives and referents: Laura Marchegiani, Lina Caracseni, Massimiliano Stramaglia, Vincenzo Caporaletti, Gigliola Paviotti, Edith Cognini, Rosita Deluigi, Francesca Cucciaroli, Laura Fedelizza, Pierlicissa, Pierlicissa, Pierlicissa, Pierlicissa, Bayelli. Margherita Scoppola, Tatyana Petrovich Njegosh, Nomi del Bianco, Benedetta Barbizon, Stefano Pigliapoco, Patricia Dragoni, Simone Betti, Luca Barchisi, Marcello La Mattina, and Tommaso Febrazzo.
Trusting McCourt’s last words, the entire team assembled early in the afternoon. “Now we’ll get to work soon!”.
John McCourt Born in Dublin, graduated from University College Dublin and long associated with the Italian city of Trieste. He is the author of several books on James Joyce, many of which have been translated, including The Years of Bloom: Joyce in Trieste 1904-1920 (Lilliput Press) and, more recently, Consuming Joyce: 100 Years of Ulysses in Ireland (Bloomsbury). ). He is president of the International James Joyce Foundation and sits on the board of the Yeats Summer School in Sligo.
McCourt was the first Irish head of a continental European university since James Smith became chancellor of Charles University of Prague in 1743.
L’University of MacerataFounded in 1290, it has over 10,000 students and focuses on the humanities and social sciences. (easy)

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