Airport buys pigs to secure flights; Understand

Airport buys pigs to secure flights;  Understand

Amsterdam Airport Shiphole Management surprised a swine flu company by contacting them to order 20 pigs a few months ago. Considered “the strangest thing ever received” by Stan Gloudmans, one of the partners of the pork producers, the order was made to test a new project developed with the aim of making the aircraft safer and preventing collisions between birds and aircraft.

The pigs were released on a five-acre site near the airport. At the site, there is a sugar beet garden, with only the remnants of the harvest, a condition that attracts many birds like geese. The function of the pigs is to accurately eat these wastes and make the area attractive to visitors from heaven.

Also, as carnivores, they want to attack the birds but they do not have the speed to reach them, so they succeed in frightening them without harming them.. So they act like living horrors.

The project was tested for four weeks until the beginning of November. Using the data collected, an analysis will be conducted over the next few months to evaluate the effectiveness of the method. In 2020, there will be more than 150 collisions between birds and planes, a spokesman for Schiphol Airport Willemike Coaster told CNN. These types of accidents can lead to serious accidents, especially if the animals are thrown into the engine.

Before ordering the pigs, the airport had already applied strategies to reduce the risks. Today, 20 bird controllers operate on site using technologies such as laser beam and sound emission. In addition, special plants are planted in the area.

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