Airbus looks to the future with hydrogen aircraft

Airbus looks to the future with hydrogen aircraft

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Aerospace giant Airbus has unveiled plans to be hailed as the first commercial zero-emission aircraft.

Hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft will be in service by 2035, the report said.

Airbus chief executive Guillum Fury said the three zero concept designs marked a historic moment for the commercial aviation sector.

He added that the use of hydrogen has the potential to significantly reduce the aircraft’s climate impact.

However, analysts point out that this is not the first time hydrogen has been known as the savior of modern aviation.

The history of fuel goes back to the era of spaceships in the early twentieth century, but the Hindenburg disaster of 1937 ended that era.

Most recently, from 2000 to 2002, Airbus was involved in an EU-funded cryoplane project that studied the feasibility of a liquid hydrogen fuel aircraft.

after that, The idea was again favorable – Until.

‘Critical work’

Airbus said the turbophone design can carry up to 200 passengers and more than 2,000 miles, and the turboprop concept has a 50 percent lower capacity and range.

The third “Blended-Wing Body” aircraft was the most impressive of the three designs.

All three aircraft are powered by modified gas-turbine engines to burn liquid hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity.

However, Airbus acknowledged that airports would have to invest large sums to refuel basic fuel.

“The conversion of these concept planes to the primary source of energy, hydrogen, requires decisive action from the entire aviation environment,” Farry said.

“With the support of the government and industry partners, we can rise to the challenge of increasing renewable energy and hydrogen for the sustainable future of the aviation industry.”

The new Airbus designs are the result of a joint research project launched by Airbus with EasyJet last year to consider hybrid and electric aircraft.

Airline chief executive Johan Lundgren said: “EasyJet is fully committed to more sustainable flying and we know the technology is the answer to the industry.”

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