Air quality: a unique technology developed in Quebec

Air quality: a unique technology developed in Quebec

A Quebec company has developed a unique product for assessing air quality.

AirDX, from DroneXperts, was previewed at the Quebec City Convention Center on Tuesday.

It is a sampling and measurement system installed on a drone. In addition to collecting ambient air samples, the device provides real-time data on concentrations of air pollutants, including greenhouse gases.

“It is a mobile device for measuring air quality. With this we can send the drone to a specific location, a technical landfill, a chimney, a pipeline, a refinery. […] Anything that emits gas”, explains sales representative Guillaume Blackburn-Louis.

This tool is aimed at all large companies that, for one reason or another, need to measure the amount of emissions coming out of their installations.

“You can cover large areas very quickly and accurately, so that’s where the drone really shines,” says Blackburn-Lewis.

A GPS integrated into the device makes it possible to know the exact location of the leak, for example.

“So we can quickly send a team to the field to make the necessary corrections,” he says.

The company says the soon-to-be-marketed AirDX is already generating interest internationally.

“We were coming off a show in Abu Dhabi in the Middle East and there was incredible demand for these types of products. People were very interested. The drone field is booming,” says Blackburn-Lewis.

With this technology, the Quebec company aims to help various organizations reduce their environmental footprint.

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