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Aigues-Vives: “Bus” will store its sectors

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Daniel Bustafa, also known as “Buzz”, remains the only international rugby player from Carcassonne to this day. At the age of 66, he became a wine grower in Aigues-Yives and is about to harvest his last harvest.

His heart is very close to the club

It all started at the age of 12, playing handball at Bertrande College in Cuxac-Cabard. Pierre Conquet’s arrival as PE teacher converted him to the oval ball. The latter, a great theorist of rugby and a former player of US Carcassonne, put him in the “yellow and black” colors of the prefecture club. Daniel Bustaffa, who was full of qualities, was making amazing progress. Still a youngster, he played straight into the first team at the age of 17. In 1975, in the final against Cognac, he was part of the team that reached the first division with Mur, Foulquier, Cervera, Vincent, Lafayelle, Poujade and Pujol.

France’s XV for his first international selection against Romania in May 1977, quickly discovered due to his devastating inside hooks, followed by a tour of Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand and a 5 Nations tournament. , 14 caps in blue color. “Apart from Australia and Ireland, I have met all the major teams in the world at the Oval”, he enthuses. His big regret is his withdrawal against the All Blacks after suffering a bad hand injury against Fiji a few days ago, still fresh in everyone’s mind. It was France’s first victory on 14 July 1979 in Auckland. His greatest memory was a victory against the same New Zealanders at Toulouse Stadium two years later. Of all the players he met, Palmy, Imbrenon, Cholet, Skrella, Paco, Rives, Paparembord, Gallien, Sangali…

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His friendship with Guy Novus

Guy Novès has a very special position: “We see each other regularly in La Franqui, big game fishing and hunting driven by the same passions. A deep friendship with common values ​​was born between us”, explains what we have. Nicknamed “Bus”. The former coach of the France team has a great story, and then strengthens the relationship between Carcassonne and Toulouse: “With Romeu, Bertrand and Aguirre, with tactical diagrams and cross passes, the balls rarely reached the wings, Daniel on the right and me on the left. We watched the masks go. Tokyo during a tour of Japan At the airport we made a sign saying ‘We need balloons’ which didn’t satisfy the then captain, Jacques Foroux, laughs November.

At the former USC, “Buzz” sees “Gut” (Jean-Claude Gutierrez), “Baratte” (Jean-Claude Barataud), Joe Foulquier, and Paul Barella. For three years, a friendly competition of former USC players has been created under the presidency of Great Joe, with Daniel Bustafa as vice president. “A rugby club needs to be supported, especially older clubs. We often regret not considering the staff of the club. We need to participate in its evolution and show the current players that USC has a history. They need to know,” claims the former international. Daniel Bustafa, who only knows one club, USC, supports coach Christian Labit 100%: “Things need to move, the club is developing with structures worthy of professional rugby” . Regarding the upcoming season, with the first match in Colomiers, he wants to be ambitious: “After a great run this year, it would be good to reach the last four in the 2022/2023 edition”.

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Welcoming us in his vineyards in Aigues-Vives, Minervois, where he cultivates fifteen hectares, Daniel replays the film of his professional career. “40 years ago, together with my friend Bernard Fesquet, we bought a sports store on rue de Verdun. Since then, I have taken over the family business and become a wine grower. The page is turning and in a few months I will retire. , with my wife Martine, at our home in Villedubert, to enjoy a well-deserved rest want to

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