Ahlman II – Von Bredo – Wendell on top of the second horse | Free Press

Ahlman II - Von Bredo - Wendell on top of the second horse |  Free Press

German show jumpers are still waiting for victory in a major test at CHIO in Achen. Jessica von Bredov-Wendell can win even without the extraordinary dressing horse dollar.

Achen (DPA) – German show jumpers voluntarily proved to be good hosts in their home game at the CIO in Aachen and gave the guests the victory in the most important Test of the day on Saturday.

In contrast, two-time Olympic dressage champion Jessica von Bredo-Wendell also showcased her class with her second horse, Ferdinand, and won a Grand Prix special. Tests at the event team source were taken primarily as a learning unit for young horses.

Show jumper Christian Ahlman won the Alliance prize of 70 70,000, just 0.39 seconds short of winning the Dominator. The 46-year-old from Marl had to concede defeat to British Scott Brosch in Hello Vincent after an impeccable ride in the lap of victory. “I am very pleased. This is Dominator’s first injury in a long injury,” he told the WDR.

Von Bredo-Wendell won with the second horse

Along with Ferdinand, she showed that von Bredo-Wendell could win her extraordinary mares even without Dalera. After winning the Olympics in Tokyo and last week’s European Championships, Dolera has a break. Von Bredo-Verndel narrowly defeated Simon Pierce of Australia at Destano. “It exceeds expectations,” said the 35-year-old from ub Benhausen. Kareena Scholes from Sassenberg had to settle for 15th and last place in Tarantino.

Germany leads the team in freestyle ahead of freestyle. Seven-time Olympic champion Isabel Werth starts at Qantas and Frederick Wanderers at the Duke of Britain.

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Similar to the dress, Achen did not include many of the top riders and top horses since the start of summer due to the unusual September date. After the Olympics, next week will be the second highlight of the season, EM.

The German team clearly lost the home win. The team around two-time Olympic champion Ingrid Klimke failed to improve on the cross-country ride, finishing fifth out of six teams. After dressing and jumping, it is not possible to repeat the success of 2019 as early as Friday. The fourth team from Great Britain secured the victory over the USA and Ireland.

In the individual rankings, William Coleman topped the record. The American is only the fourth non-German rider to win at Aachen since 2007. One of the best Germans in fifth place was Andreas Ostolt from Varandorf, Corvette.

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