Aguero’s confession between Barcelona and the past

Aguero's confession between Barcelona and the past
Sergio Aguero (Getty Images)

Sergio Aguero talks about his past. The Argentine striker gave an interview to El Pais’ microphones, with very specific revelations.

Football saves livesLiterally. Often a compulsion to forget, but it represents the basis of all sports. Give many children, teenagers and young people the opportunity to measure themselves using their physical abilities, perhaps to bring them into a particular sport of discipline. Football is the most popular sport in the world.

Many of those who landed in between Professionals They started the important paths that started with very difficult starting points. Especially in the most remote parts of the planet, from Africa to South America, football represents a lifeline for many children who want to reach Europe and make their dreams come true.

However, there are those who do not even find the opportunity to go into sports to recover from difficult situations. In this sense, he gave a great testimony Sergio Aguero During an interview released during these hours.

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Sergio Aguero during the warm-up
Sergio Aguero (Getty Images)

Aguero and his childhood experienced revelation

The Argentine striker joined Barcelona this year, hoping to give a new impetus to his career. Initially it was hoped that it could be done with Messi. “I was shocked for a moment. He was very sick. I could not believe it when I found out, “said Aguero, who later commented on Messi’s departure from Barcelona.

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Of course, Aguero continued, talking to El Pace’s microphones, focusing on his past and revealing something very difficult about many of his old friends. “I was 16. When I asked about dating, One died, the other a prisonerAguero describes the plight of a boy born in Buenos Aires.

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“15 years old. I’m still in touch with some of my friends. We ‘ve been talking for over 20 years,” he later commented. El Cune. A dramatic story, it clearly reveals what was the specific context in which he began his career.

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