Agriculture: Reduce pollution by 25% in Ireland by 2030

Agriculture: Reduce pollution by 25% in Ireland by 2030

Ireland has announced plans to reduce agricultural pollution by 25% by 2020.

L’Ireland Finally decided: by 2030 Emissions from agriculture They should be Reduced by 25% Compared to 2018. The country has been debating how to reduce emissions from agriculture for some time, but only now does it seem to have reached a breakthrough.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) explained Methane It is the second largest contributor to Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions. All because there are many cattle in the country.

Cow farms

For weeks The government Farmers also debated what to do: Agriculture Minister Charlie McConlogh didn’t want to go above 24%, and Environment Minister Eamon Ryan didn’t want to go below 26%. Predictably, 25% agreed.

Clearly no agreement was reached Farmers On the ground: According to the Irish Farmers Association, the deal would seriously damage Irish agriculture and the rural economy, costing farmers up to €2 billion a year.

But Ireland doesn’t want to cut emissions from agriculture: it also needs to cut electricity by 75%, transport by 50% and commercial buildings by 45%. 40% from private households.

But Ireland is not the only country that has decided to reduce pollution by working on agriculture. In New Zealand, for example, burps from cows and goats will be taxed to reduce methane emissions.

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