Agreement within the European Union for mutual approval of rapid inspections

Les tests antigéniques ne nécessitent pas d

EU member states on Wednesday agreed to mutually agree on antigenic tests ahead of the new European summit. A written procedure was initiated to confirm this agreement before the start of the summit.

Antigen testing does not require laboratory analysis and the result can be known within 10 to 30 minutes. But they are less reliable than PCR tests.

Since last November, the European Commission has been advocating for rapid antigenic testing in addition to PCR tests to control the spread of the virus, detect contamination and limit isolation or embargo measures. These quick checks are seen as a solution for travelers returning from a non-European country.

France demanded mutual approval for antigenic tests. “Between France and Ireland, PCR tests work because we have similar, but antigenic tests do not work because Ireland has not yet been identified.“French Secretary of State Clement Boone mourned Sunday.

The Commission recommends that you use it. “In special circumstances“, To immediately identify or monitor pollution in the new focus of the epidemic”High risk people”, Such as medical officers or retirement homes.

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