Agent. Rugby and geopolitics are under study

Agent.  Rugby and geopolitics are under study

Earlier this week, Irish researcher Caroline Gomez held a conference at the Cultural Center.

Agent University of Free Time on Monday offered a conference combining geopolitics and rugby. Carol Gomez, Director of Research at the Institute of International and Strategic Relations (Iris), shared her expertise with about fifty spectators present in the Luigi-Komensini Room at the Agen Cultural Center.

Ireland, two nations for one shirt

Unlike football, rugby remains a relatively unexplored area in the geopolitics of the sport. Yet it is rich in stories, claims, and contradictions. Especially in the agent area, the Oval Balloon is a powerful tool for understanding the world.

The interest in this conference was twofold. The idea was to introduce the geopolitics of the sport and to use rugby as a subject of study instead of football or the more frequently used Olympic Games. It was a question to show that rugby is also a terrible learning object.

The conference was an opportunity to talk about the imperfect globalization of rugby, the many changes that professionalism signifies, the development of women’s training, the current Olympic discipline of rugby sevens, or the special situation in Ireland that brings two countries under one jersey. .

As Carol Gomez explains, rugby is an interesting prism: “I would say there are many reasons. Already, since I’ve been here, rugby is an integral part of my daily life, and it’s my passion. Because I’m convinced that it’s a huge tool, we can better understand the complex issues of globalization, competition, and the economy .I wanted to encourage the public to go beyond the field and the 80’s.

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The next meeting will be on Monday, November 22 at 3 pm in Utula. Theme: “What is life?” Written by Alain Sario, Professor of Biology. Information 05 53 47 36 66 / /
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