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“Against Springboks, I’ve never experienced such intensity”, says Vokey

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At his best, racing’s second tier looks back on a Dantesque battle against the South Africans at the Stade Velodrome.

This game against Springboks Especially those involved in a lot of trauma and injuries…
Cameron Vokey: We knew it was going to be a committed match and we were prepared for it. The South Africans wanted to challenge us physically. We know their game: a straightforward, physical game. We had to respond. During the week we told each other not to respect our bodies. 100% commitment is required. Today we lost some men (Saturday) did and did not cheat. They kept their word. But the loss of Thibaud is sad (the flamingo) Joe suffered a concussion and suffered a fracture below his eye. But They kept their word and rebelled.

Do we rejoice in this great struggle?
Yes, we rejoice, especially when there is suspense, when we are afraid. We go from game to game where we lead. There are many different situations in this game. We are very happy when we finally win against the world champion team three years ago. (…) There were monsters in front of us. Physically, it was very hard and very dense. I have never experienced such intensity. The intensity was high on both sides. It was a bit of a battle on the field.

Did you imagine all these scenarios?
Yes, we work in these situations every week. Like these last two minutes where you lead, where you have to keep the ball … and there are these situations where you lead, where you have to score. These are the exercises that help us a lot and find out on the pitch.

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Where he feels like it This XV of France is never in doubt
It is true that we have very few moments of doubt. When we’re a little inside, like late in the first half or early in the second half, these are air pockets that need to be fixed. But at no point do we stress. We are sure of our strength and sure that something can be done. We were hoping in the occupied area, that’s where we had the most questions. But we responded in touch and scrum. We were confident and satisfied.

“We want to prepare for the World Cup. Ready to Win »

You have now defeated every major world nation. In terms of faith, what does this represent?
We are now familiar with international competitions. We are slowly preparing for the World Cup. This match against Japan will be followed by the Six Nations tournament. During this tour, we faced teams that we didn’t play very often. But we know that Ireland and England are solid teams in the tournament. We will measure ourselves against them as well.

You’re on a twelve-game winning streak. Will you reach the World Cup without conceding a goal?
I don’t think that’s a goal. Even if our goal is to win every match. We want to prepare for the World Cup. It is ready to win. If we have to win every game to get there, we will do it. Defeats will allow us to improve for the World Cup.

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On a personal level, we find you at your best…
I think it’s about time! (the smile) I am happy to be back to my level, especially in such an important competition. I will try to maintain the same standard.

Have you had moments of doubt?
No, I didn’t doubt it. I knew this match was important and I had to be there. But my partner and family, but most of all the players and staff were there for me. I never lost hope. I know what I am capable of. It took me some time and a big game. I hope I can keep this up.

“In the velodrome, I have never seen such a special atmosphere”

What did you think of Sekou McCullough’s great performance?
I never doubted Zeku. He is a great versatile player who can play everywhere. He has shown that he is efficient in the blue jersey. Dzeku is known in the league and with Stade Francis, he is in the top 14. Today, he proved his mettle. He is a player who runs faster than our three-quarters (the smile). He is an exceptional player.

How did the Stade Vélodrome crowd push you?
For me, I have never seen such a special atmosphere. There were even times when we didn’t get along. It was a special match in a special stadium, with a special atmosphere. It was unbelievable and rejected by the public. But regardless of the stadiums we play in, we know the French public is there and that’s important to us. We know he will push us to the end like he did on Saturday.

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Interview at the Stade Velodrome

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