Afternoon: The amazing discovery made at the Humanity Premier

LUNA vulcani

The Moon is the closest cosmic object to Earth, and humanity is constantly making new discoveries about it, one of which has now been revealed, showing how many mysteries still exist there. Based on recent observations by scientists on the Moon, they concluded that recent volcanic activity existed on Earth’s natural satellite, which was not taken into account until recently.

Luna recently had new soil samples taken by a Chinese robot that explored the surface of the cosmic body, and their analysis led scientists to draw conclusions about volcanic activity. It is true that “recent” is a term related to the cosmic age, so when scientists say that a cosmic event occurred recently, it is actually a large period of time, something that happened about 2 billion years ago in the case of the moon.

Afternoon: The amazing discovery made at the Humanity Premier

The moon contained 2 kilograms of rock brought to Earth by the Chinese in December 2020, after which they still analyzed soil samples to see what the secrets of the Earth’s natural satellite were. According to samples taken by the Chinese, after analyzing the evidence brought by Earth astronauts, there seems to be evidence that there was volcanic activity on the moon, which is 1 billion years younger than NASA.

“The first evidence to be brought back from the moon in half a century is evidence of the latest lunar lava ever analyzed. It is the youngest lava flow to the moon. The volcano reveals.

These samples were taken by Luna from the Oceanus Prosala, the site of volcanic activity about 2 billion years ago, but were the first to be explored. Scientists have seen the effects of volcanic eruptions on the moon from Earth, but analyzing the rocks in those areas reveals more and more secrets that scientists do not know much about.

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The Moon will certainly reveal other secrets as more soil samples are brought to Earth for analysis, so we will discover more secrets of the cosmic object closest to Earth.

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