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After the Taliban attack, videos show the rush to Kabul airport

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A series of videos posted on social media this Sunday (15) after the Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist group, seized power, show intense attempts to flee the Afghan capital, Kabul.

These images reveal the real rush to the city’s airport as the Taliban dominate the borders.

In the afternoon, the group took control of Kabul’s main Pul-e-Charki prison, released thousands of prisoners, and posted videos on social media.

Without the protection of the U.S. government, which withdrew most of its troops from the country, President Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan to avoid “bloodshed,” he said in a publication on social networks.

During the night, the main road to Kabul airport – where Afghans were trying to escape and thousands of U.S. troops tried to retreat from the city – was filled with Taliban fighters in uniform.

Many Western countries, including the US, Germany and France, are closing their embassies to expedite the evacuation of officials and civilians.

The Taliban, synonymous with fundamentalist extremism, returned to power this Sunday (15), 20 years after the US invasion of Afghanistan, especially after September 11, 2001.

Troops entered Kabul for the first time since October 13, 2001, and were forced to withdraw from the capital when US and British bombs opened the way for opposition forces known as the Northern Alliance.

Some videos of him trying to leave Kabul have been circulating on social media.

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