After the Pegasus hack, Apple is releasing an immediate update for the iPhone

Apple lanza actualización de emergencia contra espionaje en iPhones

Boston.-Apple Researchers have released a critical software patch to fix a security flaw that hackers could infect IPhones And other Apple devices without the user clicking.

Researchers at the Citizen Lab, a laboratory University of Toronto, Exploited a security issue to install spyware on the iPhone of a Saudi activist.

They stated that they were convinced that the Israeli NSO group, the world’s most famous hacking company, was behind the attack.

According to researchers, the damage affected major Apple devices: the iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch. In a text statement, the NSO group responded that it would continue to provide tools against “terrorism and crime.”

According to researchers, this is the first time a “zero click” program has been identified and analyzed; That means users do not need to click on suspicious links or open infected files.

On September 7, they discovered the malicious code and immediately notified Apple. The affected worker was asked to remain anonymous, they said.

“We do not have to blame the Saudi government for this attack,” said researcher Bill Marsak.

Previously, Citizen Lab found evidence of the use of zero click techniques Hack phones Al Jazeera journalists and other targets, but did not see the malicious code itself.

While security experts say the average iPhone, iPad, and Mac user should not have to worry in general – such attacks are often limited to specific targets – the findings continue to frighten these specialists.

Files with malicious code were transferred to the activist’s phone via an instant messaging application called iMessage before being hacked with spyware. Pegasus of the NSO, Which opens the phone to remote spying and data theft, Marx said.

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The file was found during a second scan of the phone, which was reported infected in March. He added that malicious file tools can cause crashes.

Citizen Lab argues that the case again reveals that the NSO group allowed its spyware to be used against ordinary civilians.

Apple said in a blog post that it will provide an update Security for iPhones and iPods This is because a “maliciously created” PDF file may be hacked. He said he knew the problem could be exploited and was quoted by Citizen Lab.

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Users need to receive alerts on their iPhones in order to update Software iOS Of the telephone. Those who want to go ahead can activate the patch update directly by going to “Settings” on the phone and clicking “General” and then “Software Update”.

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