After the Kovid cases it is still limited to one million inhabitants

La ville de Yuzhou, située dans la province du Henan à près de 800 km au sud de Pékin, a annoncé lundi 3 janvier au soir à son 1,2 million d'habitants qu'ils devaient rester chez eux.

One month before the Beijing Winter Olympics, China deported more than a million residents to an area in the center of the country following the discovery of three asymptomatic Kovid-19 cases. Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. “Zero KovidThis includes doing everything possible to minimize the occurrence of new cases. However, there have been frequent setbacks in recent months, with the country doubling its vigilance as the Winter Olympics approach (February 4-20, 2022).

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The city of Yushou, located about 800 kilometers south of Beijing in the province of Henan, announced on Monday evening (January 3) that it would be able to limit the spread of the virus to its 1.2 million residents at home. The dose is after the detection of three asymptomatic cases of Kovid-19, the duration of which is not specified. Throughout Yushu, “Barriers will be put in place to strictly enforce preventive measures“, Town Hall has been warned on its official Weibo account that leaving the area without permission is now prohibited.

China reported 175 new cases on Tuesday, including 95 in Xian (north), where 13 million people have been hospitalized for two weeks. It has been the most strict and important control in China since the beginning of the Pandemic, from Wuhan (center). The city was the first city in the world to take drastic measures to curb the spread of what was described as a mysterious virus two years ago.

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Cyan, known for its underground terracotta army, is the new source of the epidemic in the country. Since December 9, more than 1,600 cases have been found there. This official balance sheet is not comparable to the daily accounts declared in most countries of the world. But this represents a significant number of cases for China.

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