After the fans found similarities on the first date, the couple was convinced that they were ‘brother and sister’

After the fans found similarities on the first date, the couple was convinced that they were ‘brother and sister’

On the first date viewers suggested that the two singletons on Wednesday’s show in the game could be brother and sister because they are similar to each other.

Sixth form teacher Joe teamed up with Bruce Beauty Jess on the Channel 4 dating show, hoping to find love at the infamous First Dates restaurant.

As soon as they met, there was chemistry between the two, and Jess – a writer for a bird charity – fixed Joe’s dicky bow on the bar.

Later, as the conversation moved to the dinner table, the oncoming lovers enjoyed a meal that connected their love of Victorian culture.

When Joe Steam was a fan of punk fashion, Jess revealed that he had previously worked at a Victorian museum and was happy to engage in period dress.

Steam Punk fan Joe teamed up with charity employee Jess on the show tonight

At the same time, viewers are exposed to everything from their appearance – to their brown hair – to their favorite personalities.

Someone on Twitter joked: “Jose matched his twin sister!”

Wondering for a moment: “Are you sure the two are not related? Lol # First Date”

The third wrote: “Is he dating his sister?”

In the first moments of their date, Jess overtook Joe and she secured the bow tie

Despite enjoying a beautiful evening together, when deciding on a second date, Jess felt that they were the best of friends.

She said: “I would say it would be friends when we meet. I had a wonderful time.”

Jess added that she would have liked to know the “deeper and more serious” aspects of Joey’s date on their date: “I thought we were going well conversationally.”

Unfortunately, by the end of the date, Jess thought it would be nice to have them as friends

However, she praised Joe’s wisdom and beauty, and assured him that his ideal Victorian woman was there.

Joe proved to be a humble gentleman, and when he said goodbye to Jesse, he mocked his soul living in “Outer Mongolia.”

Leaving each other at the taxi rank, the two parted nicely, and Jess shouted “Cheerio” through the car window.

The first dates air on Wednesday at 10pm on Channel 4.

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