After the diplomatic victories, Trump chose another Nobel Peace Prize nominee from Europe

Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize again

President Trump Another was selected Nominated for the Nobel Peace PrizeAfter a Finnish member of the European Parliament (MEP) called on the US President to accept the honor.

Laura Huhtsari, a member of the MIP and a member of the right – wing Finns party, has written to the Nobel Committee to nominate Trump for the 2021 Prize. ”

European MPs call on EU to nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

Huhtazari said President Trump has completed his term without including the United States in the new foreign conflict while withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. They quoted Abraham Chords – Peace deals between the two Arab Gulf states and Israel.

She also said that Trump “maintained national unity and maintained law and order.”

Trump is nominated for his third 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

“It’s harder to imagine an American president or current head of state deserving of committee approval in 2021 than President Trump for his efforts to build peace in the world,” Huhtsari wrote.

This letter marks the latest in a growing movement in Europe and elsewhere for Trump to receive the prize.

It was Trump Was nominated first For the role played by a member of the Norwegian Parliament in the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Days later, a member of the Swedish parliament Nominated Trump reiterates his role in the US broker normalization deal between Serbia and Kosovo.

Last month, Three members of the European Parliament A resolution has been submitted asking the European Union to nominate Trump for the prize.

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“Most of my fellow Euro parliamentarians would consider such a proposal a provocation,” said Rob Roose, a Dutch parliamentarian. “They believe Trump embodies the good and Trump embodies the evil,” he said. But a closer look at Trump’s original record leads to the conclusion that he has set aside his presidency for world peace.

Separately, a bunch Australian Law professors backed Trump’s award.

Nomination to the Nobel Committee is a preliminary step, and anyone in certain categories, including legislators, university professors and former recipients, can nominate candidates. There were 318 candidates for the 2020 prize – and it went to the World Food Bank.

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The recipient of the prize is determined by a five-member Nobel Committee appointed by the Norwegian Parliament. The winner of the 2021 Peace Prize will not be announced until October next year.

Fox News’ AV Fordham and John Decker contributed to this report.

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