After the defeats, the CAB group “must question itself,” says columnist Pietro Secrelli

Le franco-italien Pietro Ceccarelli était sur la pelouse ce week-end contre Lyon

Brive seems to have lost a lot in two games. At least A defensive bonus point against Toulouse, Even the most optimistic see his first away win. Big blow to the head with zero points after the defeatAnd a silent attack against Lyon last weekend. This is a group preparing for the last two games of 2021.

“We must return” after Leon’s defeat

In Toulouse, if the disappointment was spoken of, the match could have been won, and against Lyon, there was no debate. Moreover, after the meeting, no one really smiled, especially not Tedo Abjandadose, who was responsible for the goal in the first two penalties missed in the first ten minutes. “It’s my fault” The Georgian opener explained, “I missed two penalties and we conceded three tries in the first half. It was very difficult to get back into the game later.” He analyzes. It is true that the power of Leonis tore the Brivists to pieces, and they achieved an unprecedented number of missed tackles (20% of the total). even though, “In the static, scroll or touchdown stages, we are fine” Analysis Pietro Secrelli. The Franco-Italian pillar was satisfied with the game, “Especially since Leon Touch was stronger than Toulouse”.

But that was not enough. Thus began the revolt among the Pillars. “We have to come back” He said, “You have to question yourself. We do not have to look outside, it’s ours. This group, the players, the coaches, we have to question and act on ourselves. It’s ours. “ The Italian International Pillar was completed.

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Coach Jeremy Davidson need not worry

Internationals will give themselves a week’s break after the chain of meetings. Others will return to work to prepare for the first challenge against the London Irish and the return of the Derby Top 14 against Clermont on December 26. “A crucial match” Pietro Secrelli predicts.

His coach Jeremy Davidson also has this game in his view. “We knew there were away games in this block, but we’ve had five receptions with the Clermont game in January, February and December, so it’s bringing us back to the basics of work that can reverse the trend.” Former Irish Hooker expects. Jeremy Davidson seems calm, but with the Challenge Cup trip to London Irish and a match on December 26th, don’t forget that time is complicated anyway.

“This is a calendar with little time left for Christmas and New Year, so we will organize ourselves like other clubs for better access to players in training.”

The return of the injured in December?

The Brewist coach hopes that many of the injured players will return to training in the first month of the tournament. Cody Thomas, Thomas Lorenzeira or Sooty Faso and Wesley Douglas are expected to return before the end of this month. In training. Stuart Olding, Hayden Thompson-Stringer or Penny Narcissus are expected earlier this year.

Lyon, on the other hand, is the bad news of the weekend The potential injury to Pierre Turnbike, the severity of which is unknown, And Connection Protocols by Gillum Galletier and Joris Jurand. However, as agreed with the Hopehouse staff, the Brewiste coach will be able to estimate the number of players available to play in the Challenge. The Espoires won the match against LOU Rugby this Sunday.

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