After the death of Strain: Freeman-Jennert wants to go to Bundestag

After the death of Strain: Freeman-Jennert wants to go to Bundestag

“Becoming a member of the Bundestag would be a great honor for me,” says Mika Freeman-Jennert, who wants to move to the late Karin Strains in Berlin. An investigation has already been launched against them.


LudwigsLust state MP Mika Freeman-Jennert (CDU) wants to take over the parliamentary seat of the miraculously deceased CDU member Karin Strains. “Joining the Bundestag will be a great honor for me,” the 56-year-old, who can top the list, said on Tuesday. Even if it is only for a short time. Letter The official letter is still pending.

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They also want to take over committees that were active in the Straits, including the Defense Committee. Freeman-Jennert is a qualified librarian and has been a member of the Schwerin State Parliament since 2006. They wanted to run in the election in the fall of 2021. For the state parliament order, the CDU needs to find someone to replace it instead of the autumn election.

Investigation against Freeman-Jennert

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has already launched an investigation into Freeman-Jennert. In 2019, there was suspicion in the room that 54-year-old MPs had cheated on rent subsidies provided by the state.

Freeman-Jennert always talked about a “big misunderstanding” – and eventually the proceedings ceased. Meanwhile, the CDU has issued a party base receipt – Mike Freeman-Jennert has not been nominated by his own Christian Democrats in the 2021 Ludwigslast constituency as a candidate in the state election. Christian Gear is running in the Ludwigslast constituency instead of the CDU woman.

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Strains crashed on a return flight from Cuba to Germany on Sunday. Despite an emergency landing in Ireland, her life could not be saved.

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