After the Arsenal display, David Lewis and Martin Kavern send Joe Willock advice.

After the Arsenal display, David Lewis and Martin Kavern send Joe Willock advice.

Former Gunners defender Martin Keon believes Joe Willow will face Arsenal’s starting XI.

The 21-year-old played his sixth game of the season in Thursday night’s clash with Arsenal’s Europa League FC Mold.

Willock scored in the second consecutive European shootout, scoring Arsenal’s third goal 4-1 against the Norwegian champions.

Aside from his goal-scoring contribution, the midfielder, who has yet to play in the league this season, has had a remarkable performance against the team of Erlingmo.

Joe Willow celebrates Arsenal’s third goal against FC Mold

Like many others, Kaman impressed on his latest night in office, but believes he needs to find a way to pave the way for the first team.

“Arteta is trying to cultivate a new culture,” the former Gunners defender said while appearing on BT Sport. What better way to do this than with young players at the academy who understand what it means to be an Arsenal player.

“You come through the system and you want to be an Arsenal player.

Tottenham Hotspur: 59

Arsenal: 16

Manchester United: 7

Chelsea: 3

Manchester City: 1

Liverpool: 0

“I went through a lot of Arsenal players myself – [Tony] And Adams [David] In Rocas. I think there is a love for the club.

“I’m glad it’s ridiculous. Keep it in the group [Bukayo] Says, [Eddie] Tied up in a loan.

“But we need to pave the way for Willock to get into that first team now.

“If he has to borrow, that’s fair enough. But for now, I think there’s a chance. He’s not far off from fixing it.”

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Gunn’s defender David Lewis shares Kion’s sentiment that Willow needs to make some improvements in his game to become a consistent player on the team.

“Joe is a beautiful boy, a wonderful boy,” the Brazilian said. “I am always behind him to help.

I want to see Martin Conn and Joe Willow go down to Arsenal

“I think he can do better. I’m not kidding because he has the ability to stand on a high level.

“He has to understand that every day. For me, playing with children is a lot of fun, especially because he’s humble.

“When you are humble you can learn, be better and improve. If you are not humble you will never understand.

“He is humble, has a great present and a great future.”

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