After Solitaire du Figaro, Concornio skippers recover from their emotions – Concornio

After Solitaire du Figaro, Concornio skippers recover from their emotions - Concornio

Gildas Mahi. “I’m still very tired.” Questioned on Tuesday, the dean of the competition took advantage of this few days off, especially to “manage accounts”. Last Friday, the 46-year-old captain completed his 11th stint at Solitaire du Figaro in Saint-Nasser. He finished sixth, “happy” in his performance. However, Gildas Mahe retains a bitter taste towards the end of his third phase, which connects Phekamp with Morlix Bay. “The current changed near Île-de-Batz when the wind subsided. I discussed this part a little better,” he regrets. The race of sorts kicks me in, too, “he says.” I have a special attachment to monotypes, and I’m not sure if I would have stuck with this model thirty years ago. Up to 10.

Finishing in a bad position was really bad for me.

Tom Dolan. It still feels like the “post-race blues” to the most concurrent of Irish skippers. “I spent days in a coma,” he said, returning within a week. The 30-year-old, who is the author of a good fifth-place finish in 2020, says he was “a little disappointed” in his 16th place this year. Chosen as the best Irish captain of 2020, he regrets his slow start to the second and fourth rounds. But Tom Dolan finished third in the final stages of connecting the Bay of Morlix with Saint-Nasser, overtaking the Fastnet lighthouse in the south-west of Ireland. “It really hurts to end up in a bad position,” he smiled with relief at the end of a good post. He says he is “looking forward” to returning to Solitaire in 2022, one of his “favorite races”. In the coming weeks, he plans to join Ireland with his boat. He has not returned to his homeland since the outbreak began.

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Pope and Tom Dolan at Martin in Concorno last July before leaving for Solo Guy Cotton. (The Telegram / Girek Fletcher)

Pepe in Martin. He finished 9th. Figaro’s captain “Gardens la View” is “happy to be in the top 10 for the second time” after finishing seventh in 2018. What’s wrong? “I had a hammer problem in the first quarter, and then in the second quarter I had to deal with the tearing of my spinner, and he remembers the unexpected events. Together, I could have torn the upper part. These are variations of the solitaire.” This is enough for other races to “learn”. Despite the fatigue of the comeback, Martin Le Pepe is preparing for its sequel. From next week, he will resume training at Imoca between Port-la-Forte and Lorient. In viewfinder, the launch of Transat Jacques Wabre on November 7th.

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