After sleeping on the iceberg, the walrus ends up in Ireland

After sleeping on the iceberg, the walrus ends up in Ireland

A two-meter-long young walrus was recently spotted in County Kerry, Ireland. According to a biologist, this animal, which usually lives in the Arctic Circle, may have jumped off an iceberg. After sleeping in it.

On March 14, a five-year-old girl was found off the Irish coast of Valentia Island in County Kerry. Father Alan Houlihan initially thought it was a sign. “Then we saw the horns“, He explains Irish Central, Makes a great beast ”The size of a bull or cow“. The question is: what is this walrus doing in Ireland?

This is not the first time such an animal has been seen in the area. The first sighting was recorded in 1897, and then nothing until 1980. Only about 20 specimens have been found since then.

Most walruses (Odobenus rosemary) Orbit the Arctic Circle, where they hunt crustaceans in shallow water.

Model seen on Valentia Island Adequate age. Adult walruses can grow teeth up to a meter long, while our individual body length is less than the estimated thirty centimeters. About two meters from the piece to the tail.

Photo of walrus walking around. Attribution: Irish Whale, Dolphin Group

Sleeping on an iceberg?

How did this young walrus end up in County Kerry? “I would say he slept and fell on an iceberg, then he was in the middle of the Atlantic, far away from Greenland.“, Interviewed by Marine biologist Kevin Flannery The Independent.

He could “jump” from island to island, ending only in Iceland and then in Shetland before Ireland, but this is unlikely. I think it’s coming to us from the Atlantic Ocean. He may be tired and hungry after driving thousands of milesHe added. “I hope he can enjoy some scallops around Valentia and regain the strength to return home.“.

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Morse irlande
Morse code distribution map, focusing on the North Pole. Attribution: Mirco Thesen

Dr. of the Marine Conservation Society. Peter Richardson no doubt: “It’s certainly unusual for a walrus to go so far south, but it looks so young and healthy. I think he can come home. These animals Knows to travel wide distances“.

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