After renting a car in Ireland, Carol had a “nightmare”: “We were abandoned in the middle of nowhere”.

After renting a car in Ireland, Carol had a "nightmare": "We were abandoned in the middle of nowhere".

Carol and her friend dreamed of a beautiful trip to Ireland. They retain a bitter taste. Their rental vehicle was damaged. People in the league had to call a tow truck after 1h30 on the road. The frustration continued for several hours for the couple who felt abandoned by the rental company. The second identifies errors in file management.

Carol is not going to forget her last vacation. Flamelois and her companion, who were ready to live in a dream in Ireland, were suddenly disappointed. After landing in Dublin on the evening of December 26, the couple rented a car from the Siegsout Company to get to their residence in Galway, a port city on the west coast of Ireland.

On the morning of December 27 they went to pick up their Renault Cleo. “We drove for an hour and a half and my husband pointed out to me that it was pulling a little to the left. We told ourselves it was not a tip top because it was a rental car, and then asked nothing more.”

Carol describes how their journey took a different turn when they wanted to reach the site of a ruined fort called Moidrum.

“We stopped near a traffic light and it was raining a little. The car went straight when we wanted to turn right. It swerved automatically and we hit a curb.”

The couple then called the roadside assistant. “We told them we were going to Moydrum Castle. The car was still running. They told us they were going to see us there (at the castle site). 5 minutes later we were in the middle of the meeting place.”


In the middle of the fields with our suitcases

Carol says she was waiting. “A good hourConvenience Store.

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“When he came, he took the car to drive a few ten meters. He told us he could not fix it, because to drive straight, you had to put the steering wheel on the left side. We were not safe. There was a problem with the management.” She points out.

The Convenience Store told them he was going to pick up Cleo.

“We asked him, ‘With us,’ and he said, ‘You stay there.'” Carol assures. “I did not appreciate it. I explained to him that I needed a car instead.”

According to this claim handler, she called Sixties back to offer a solution. “They I promised my husband that if we let go of the car, we would get a replacement car in Athlon, a small town a few dozen miles away (see map above). We told them we had no money to go to Athlon. The convenience store finally called a taxi. We found ourselves in the middle of the fields with our suitcases.

Eleanor, an Irish woman, came to their rescue

Then there will be an important meeting for the couple. An Irish woman who saw them by the roadside after Torres left asked if she needed help.

“I was crying because what really happened touched me. This Eleanor woman stopped and she couldn’t believe she was listening to our story. She asked us if she had left us. She wanted to take us to her place. We told her that a taxi was coming and was going to pick up a car instead.” She gave me her number and said we could call if things were not right.

Then a taxi dropped them off there Athlon. corn “Bad surprise“The car was not there to replace Carol.

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“I called SixSight and they did not offer us an alternative solution until the next morning.” She claims.

More than 80 km from Gait Residents of the league decided to call Eleanor, who promised to help them, as public transport was not available where they should be accommodated.

“15 minutes later this woman arrived and said she was going to take us to our gate at 1.20am. He is a beautiful person. ” Carol continues.

“From our place of residence, we called our insurance, but no help was available. She assures. “For these 3 hours rent the Sixes have no way of having our money. We allege that he made a claim that we did not make. This car did not have the opportunity to hold on to the road.

The couple eventually quit their job at Sixth and moved to another rental company for the rest of their stay. All you have to do is let them visit Konemara Lakes, Galway City (240 km from Dublin), Mohr Cliffs.

Repayment of 2,100 Euros

On their return to Belgium on January 1, they put together a file to recover 2, 2,100 (including 1, 1,600 investment in Cleo’s rent).

“On January 7, we received an email from Sicks informing us that they had heard of our concerns. Sent.48 hours later no money was released.

Half of our vacation was ruined

Looking back, Carol says she wants to share her experience to prevent this story from being repeated with other passengers. “We had a chance to see Eleanor, otherwise we had no idea what would happen to us on the side of the road. I was angry because half of our vacation was ruined. It broke for 48 hours.”

Six responses

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On the sixth side, the spokesman Maarten van de Pavoordt recognizes errors made by the company in the management of this file.

“After inspecting the rental vehicle, part of the suspension appears to be damaged. This type of damage can occur when the wheel is impacted, for example, when it hits a curb or we roll.” He points out.

Maarten van de Pavoordt confirms that all rental vehicles have been inspected “Between each rent”. “There is no indication that this vehicle was damaged or that there were any other problems prior to rental.”

Six Sight Lease fully refunded to the couple.

“We know this issue has created a difficult situation for our customers and it has created an uncomfortable experience. We have decided to refund the full amount of rent. Customers have told us that they are satisfied with the way we have handled the problem.”

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