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After hearing the sound again as Jamie retaliates, Emerdale’s belle spirals

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The Emerald Spoilers confirmed a new fight for Belly Dingle next week as they try to keep up with recent events.

She and her son-in-law Nate Robinson got into trouble over the law when former Jamie Tate retaliated with a secret plan to bring him down.

Despite knowing he was a hit and run driver, Belly chose Jamie over his family, who recently murdered her sister Moira Dingle.

But Belle and Nate were secretly working together. No evidence was found to oust him.

After that, Jamie wants Belle and Nate, who have been questioned about the crime, to set up the pair.

The belly dingle of Emerdale will spiral when it starts to sound again

He takes further action next week, but Belle implements his own plan.

Gooty is conspiring against Jamie Belly and decides to get a refund – but what did he plan to do?

Prior to this, Belle takes his own dangerous revenge on his work with Jamie, and things soon get worse.

Jamie Tate Bell of Emerdale takes revenge

Viewers soon realize that Belle is hearing voices again and that the voice of her late mother, Lisa Dingle, is speaking to her.

Bell was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2014 after first showing symptoms of the condition. Since then she has struggled with her condition several times, especially during turbulent times.

Her family had recently feared her mental health, and they feared she might hear the sound, but she only started hearing it because things were so bad with Jamie.

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Jamie targets Nate and Bell

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Belle’s voices immediately try to convince her that Jamie’s former Andrea Tate is responsible for everything, and that she will help Jamie in the midst of fans’ fears.

Belle takes action soon, but will she regret her decision?

Jamie is implementing his own project at the end of the week, while viewers will have to wait to see what happens next.

Emerdale airs the weekend on ITV on Thursday nights at 8pm with an additional episode.

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