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After giving birth, the woman finds out that the baby’s father ran away with the mother

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Jess Aldridge suffers double betrayal when she needs the most support. Reuben, 24, had returned to the UK after giving birth after learning that her mother Georgina had fled with her boyfriend Ryan Shelton and moved to a place 30 miles away.

The relationship began when Jess moved into her parents’ home with Ryan while she was pregnant last year, with the goal of helping Georgina take care of the new baby and other daughter.

However, the collaboration was the worst, as the English woman reported in The Sun newspaper, because Georgina and Ryan were always happy. “I felt like something was happening for months, but I never wanted to believe it,” he said. At one point they arrived to confront the two, and both refused to intervene.

Hours after the delivery, Jesse received a text message from Ryan ending the relationship, claiming he was tired of being accused of having an affair with Georgia.

“Everything was gone when I got home from the hospital. I knew Ryan was with my mother, but they never took over,” he said. Jess. The truth later came out: “A few days later they admitted to me that they were together”.

“My mother told me I could not choose who to love, Ryan told me the same thing. It was a kick in the face. They had planned this throughout my pregnancy,” she said.

Now, the young woman has returned to the place where she previously lived with Ryan, taking care of the children alone, and has the support of her father and sister.

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