After France – Ireland: From Apprenticeship to Skills: The Blues make rapid progress

After France - Ireland: From Apprenticeship to Skills: The Blues make rapid progress

Without any of these ingredients, a team quickly touches …

Without any of these ingredients, a team can quickly reach its limit or crash when the journey becomes difficult. On Saturday, the Blues needed a combination of all three to prevent their return before defeating the Irish.

Without parallels

The Blues’ ability caught his eye from the first minute of the game, and when Antoine DuPont ended the attack, he started with a two / two on a fast-playing touch. This is not a surprise, but it’s a joy to be constantly updated on how easily this team can break down a well – organized defense. Apart from the black All Blacks, there is no equivalent on today’s rugby planet.

But as soon as Saturday, the Irish forced the French to roll up their sleeves and “coal” the artists. Like the flashes of a DuPont, Romain Entomac or Damien Penode, it’s ultimately the collective desire of this team to fight. She rejoices in the cruelty.

“The evolution of the French defense under Sean Edwards is comforting.”

Last week, Fabian Galti went on to tease his players on the subject: “Newspapers say you’re a little wet and the Irish are rougher than you.” He mentioned this when the team was announced. He probably doesn’t need to add more. Julian Marchand, Cyril Bale, Greg Aldrit, Anthony Jellonch, Uni Atonio, front, Gabin Villiero Gayle Fico, the best answer to the way the Irish went to challenge.

“We have a team that builds on the ground with their performance,” said the Blues coach. Players have strong character, conviction and ambition. It makes the whole thing that this group is led by pride and arrogance. There is a very strong collective dimension that allows us to go through difficult times on the pitch. No player feels bad when they make a mistake. There is a mission, a plan to remove this feeling of stress. ⁇

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So much mood. But this energy will quickly dissipate unless Galti and his staff establish an efficient and developing framework. On Saturday, it was defense developed by Sean Edward, one of the keys to success. This allowed the French to neutralize the highly successful offensive animation of the Irish.

“Slightly gray”

“The evolution of the French defense under Sean Edwards was comforting, as evidenced on Saturday by the fact that the French army chose to bring in the turnover when the Irish expected it. Pressure from France prevented Ireland from playing in the areas they wanted. Praised in the Sunday Telegraph.

Fabian Galti shared a comment but modulated it. “Our defensive climbs were excellent, with excellent pace in the first period, which was remarkable, especially the excellent work of Antoine DuPont on the first curtain,” he said. Then we hit the ball carrier. In the second half, we got a little drunk, we had less power in the collisions, and we got into trouble on the racks. We deviated from our defensive plan. ⁇

In two weeks’ time, the Blues will have to follow a different game pattern to beat Scotland, who continue their two victories in the tournament against the French. At Murrayfield, they will conduct another maturity test.

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