After filming without a mask, GMB’s Dr. Hillary apologizes

After filming without a mask, GMB's Dr.  Hillary apologizes

After being caught on camera entering a pharmacy without a face mask, Dr. Hillary Jones apologized.

The GP, who advises the corona virus on GMB, filmed a village chemist without a mask taking an emergency prescription for a patient.

GMB Host Pierce Morgan Dr. Leaping into Hillary’s defense, she said she sometimes forgot to wear a mask: “Anyone who sees this can’t shake hands, saying they inadvertently broke a law.”

Dr. Hillary explained on the show: “Two months ago, I did a show here, I did Laurent’s show, to go to St. George’s Hospital and film what they’re doing after NHS Charities Together.

“After working hard with Kovid, they build some areas for employees to relax.

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Absolutely sorry for the mistake. Hillary said

/ ITV )

“I did a 10 hour day and I went to a chemist in my village to get an emergency prescription for a patient.

“I forgot to put on my mask because I was careless and no one was there.

“I’m been there for 60 seconds. Within those 60 seconds, someone came up who could remind me to put on a decent mask, take a photo and hit it in the press.”

“It was two months ago – I’m sorry I forgot to wear my mask, I’m done it for the first time in nine months. I raised my hands and we talked about it in the air because I think almost everyone did it. “

Dr. Morgan. Hillary justified herself to the audience by saying: “I do it honestly, I do it at least once a week. I ‘m coming from somewhere.

“I wear one to my cafe and sometimes I forget when I walk out of the cafe. This is literally a five meter walk.

“But sometimes I forget. I think this should not be taken lightly – we basically believe that masks can save lives. ”

“It simply came to our notice then. Did people intend to break the rules or not? He said.

“Otherwise a little oblivion from people – Gary Lineker was caught without a garage, most of the time, 98 percent of the time, he remembers to wear – it’s about purpose.”

“Anyone who sees this cannot say that they have inadvertently violated a law.”

While getting into the taxi, Dr. without a mask. After defending the Hillary host, Morgan may return in favor.

“You didn’t do it on purpose, that’s the difference, you did it completely by mistake,” he said.

“Anyone can make mistakes for a few moments at a time. What’s the difference if you act intentionally and break the rules. ”

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