After contacting Kovid-19, the North health minister isolated himself

After contacting Kovid-19, the North health minister isolated himself

Northern Ireland’s Health Minister Robin Swann is isolating himself after contacting Kovid – 19.

The North Department of Health said it received a swan exposure notification from the Stopcovid NI Proximity app on Wednesday evening stating that it was in contact with another user who had tested positive.

A statement from the department said his minister would be performing his duties from home for 14 days.

Earlier, DUP Agriculture Minister Edwin Putin did not want to hurt his Catholic friends and neighbors when he commented that the Covid-19 rate was much higher nationally than in the Union Territories.

In the days that followed, Mr. Boots was under pressure to apologize for the fact that the virus was being transmitted nationally at a rate of six to one more than in the Union Territories.

Sinn Fin has been accused of “sectarianizing” the corona virus crisis. At the same time, the North Chief Medical Officer said there was no evidence that there was a link between infection rates and political and religious identities. Michael McBride said.

“A lot of trouble started” in June after the funeral of Bobby Story, a prominent Republican in western Belfast, Boots said in his original comment.

“People in that community were seen breaking the rules. That is why there is a difference between nationalists and unionists, there are six to one, ”Mr. Boots said.

On Wednesday afternoon, amid controversy over these references, Boots issued a statement promising clarity, but did not apologize.

In the days that followed, he said, “Sinn Fin and others tried to distort and distort the comments.”

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“I do not blame religion for the spread of Kovid-19,” he said. It is unfortunate that such a description was created, ”he said.

“It is clear that such expansion is related to behavioral issues, and no less. I appreciate my Catholic friends and neighbors. I will never use offensive words intentionally. ”

“Kovid-19 is spreading bad behavior that was exemplified at the Bobby Story funeral,” Mr Boots said.

His leader and Prime Minister, Arlene Foster, was right.

“For me, that’s the end of the matter,” she said.

“Of course, the virus does not discriminate on the basis of their religion, politics, or place of residence.”

The Department of Health reported 1,039 new corona virus cases on Wednesday afternoon, up from 29,992. Five more deaths rose to 629.

There are currently 289 patients being treated at Northern Ireland hospitals. Thirty-two people are being treated in the intensive care unit and 26 on ventilators.

The virus continues to infect Derry and Strabaine, the worst areas in Northern Ireland. In the last seven days, the region has experienced 670 cases per lakh population. One week ago, the number was 992 cases.

Belfast, the next highest peak, has a seven-day average of 510 per 100,000 and an average of 361 per 100,000 in the north.

At the same time, Northern Health Minister Robin Swann said that “very difficult choices” had to be made when restrictions were imposed.

In an official scientific paper, he replied that the closure of hairdressers and beauty salons could only reduce the number of R or reproductions of the virus by 0.05. Closing pubs and restaurants is expected to drop by 0.1 to 0.2.

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Health officials said the four-week restrictions imposed last week were designed to keep the R number below one to reduce the spread of the virus. It is now estimated to be around 1.4.

This prompted former DUP minister and Belfast Chamber of Trade chief executive Simon Hamilton to tweet, “Why did ministers shut down hospitality and retail? ”

Mr. Swann and Professor Ian Young, the North’s chief scientific officer, justified the decision. “An alternative to the executive ‘time-limited, targeted approach to restrictions is a return to full lockdown. I do not believe any of us need it, ”the minister said.

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