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“After Brexit, the condition of the British citizen in Europe is the same as that of Chinese tourists.”

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Tribune. The most dramatic consequence of Brexit is that the British will lose their European citizenship, as they were shocked to find countless travelers from the UK denied entry into the European Union (EU) in the New Year.

As of December 31, 2020, 67 million British citizens had lost their right to permanent residence and employment in the European Union and elsewhere. Similarly, EU citizens lost these rights in the UK territories. This is the biggest loss of rights we can remember.

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In fact, British citizens who have been on a business or tourist trip for more than forty years or have been established in continental Europe have the status of European citizens in their host countries. The same is true of EU citizens who have settled in the UK for years. The essence of European citizenship is this: the right not to be discriminated against, so that each member state of the Union is considered a national, regardless of their nationality.

It is a severe blow to the rights of all British people

Surprisingly, the value of UK passports has plummeted In the first ten In a very common place: the rights to it are now comparable to those of Argentine and Brazilian nationalities. For the time being, travelers from the UK are allowed to travel to EU countries without a visa for up to 90 days out of every 180 days.

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However, this right is not unconditional. Let’s face it: the promise of equality and dignity that British nationals enjoy unconditionally is limited to the single territory of the British Isles since Brexit, while by December 2020 it had spread to most of the European continent. After Brexit in Europe, the status of a British citizen is now the same as that of a Chinese tourist, with the difference that the territory and economy of the United Kingdom are incomparable to China.

This is a serious blow to the rights of all Britons, whether they are millions of citizens who already have close ties to the European continent or who have never had this opportunity. Instead of lashing out at the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, it is time to think about limiting the damage caused by the sudden and unprecedented loss of rights.

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