After Apple Pay: Apple also allows you to issue a driver’s license on the iPhone

After Apple Pay: Apple also allows you to issue a driver's license on the iPhone

Now it declares 8 states in the United States that it will agree to accept it

This is how it looks. Picture: Apple

In the past year, many Israelis have discovered this Entertainment of Non-Contact Payments (Contactless) and started leaving credit at home – mostly thanks Access to the Apple Pay service. So, as we try to get used to the delayed revolution in the Holy Land, Apple is already moving to the next level in the United States, and wants users to keep their driving licenses at home – even on the fly.

Take a photo of the license and don’t forget about the selfie for the benefit of the state

So far, Apple’s wallet app has mainly allowed you to save on credit cards, travel cards and various clubs, but as part of an update to Apple’s next operating system, iOS 15The company wants to make the wallet more useful, with support car keys, smart lock keys in your home, access keys to your office (instead of a hard card), room keys in supported hotels, and more. . But in the United States the company will allow you to scan your driving license.

The scanning process will look like this. Picture: Apple

Adding a driving license to a wallet is very simple and very similar to how to add credit cards. All you have to do is press the plus button, take a photo of your US driving license, and then take a selfie to prove you are. According to Apple, this image is securely transferred to the US state where you live for approval, and once it is received, the license awaits you in your digital form on your iPhone wallet and watch.

The company explains that once you arrive at an airport in the country you support, you can present your driving license to the Airport Authority staff (TSA representatives known for forgiveness) and have all the information they need there. To see. Of course you need to use Face ID or Touch ID to access your license, and then, at least according to Apple, PA employees do not have to touch your device (luckily in that) you can access the scanner Show license. Apple guarantees that all information is fully encrypted and that even if you lose your device, no one but you can access it. We will also mention that you can store your flight ticket in your wallet so you can go with your iPhone without having to open your bag and wallet.

IPhone License: A clever idea or an opening for trouble? Talk to us In the conversation group Ours

8 countries are already inside

Apple announced this week that 8 states in the United States will allow Apple users to view driver’s licenses or IDs (state IDs, to be precise) stored in wallets at airports. Whether they use an iPhone or an Apple Watch. The states that have already approved the initiative are Arizona and Georgia, followed by Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah. However, neither Apple nor these countries have confirmed when this feature will open and be accepted at airports. According to Apple, the company is currently in talks with “many other countries,” but only in the United States.

I do not believe that the Israelis can enjoy the benefits of Apple’s initiative, as this is very sensitive information and requires coordination between a technology company and archaeologists who are not in a hurry to adopt new technologies that make our lives easier. Every day “Do you have WiFi on the card?”.

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