After all, would Einstein make a mistake? Czech physicist revives controversial theory of gravity

Observations from the European satellite Gaya have mapped the Milky Way family. The deployment of all galaxies on one level has caused great controversy among astronomers, and the problem remains unresolved.
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TAlmost all astronomers believe that the universe is primarily made up of dark matter that we cannot see or know. They emigrated from then-Czechoslovakia to Germany in 1968, but are now being singled out by Powell Kruppa, a visiting professor at Charles University. He thinks that the best explanation for gravity is the revised Newtonian dynamics (MOND) theory that completely eliminates black matter. In December, this theory seemed to be decisively rejected, but Krupa did not give up and came up with the idea that he could still be right.

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity could well explain this The age of incomprehensible cosmic phenomena Thus becoming an accepted description of the action of gravity. But American scientist Vera Rubin came to the conclusion in the 1960s that the rotational speed of stars in galaxies is less than their mass. Scientists have explained this by saying that there is dark matter in the universe that we cannot see.

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