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After a mild weekend, we are waiting for the return of snow and ice, here is his full weather forecast!

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The vast low pressure extends from the British Isles to Portugal, still maintaining a very gentle flow in our regions from the western Mediterranean basin.

Even this Thursday, these gentle air masses will be temporarily dry, with wide clearings utilizing the sun to bring temperatures of 9 to 11 degrees in the plains and coastal areas and 6 to 9 degrees in the Ardennes. South winds with peaks of 25 to 35 kilometers per hour will not be very uncomfortable. The next night will be clearer, but it will still be dry and mild, with a low of 4 to 5º in the eastern highs and 7 to 8º elsewhere.

Friday :

It will be a much clearer climate, with the arrival of a new disturbance, and it will begin to rain at the end of the day south of Sambre et Muse Grove.

It is still mild with daytime temperatures ranging from 8 to 12º depending on the altitude. The next night it will rain in the central provinces of the country, collecting 5 to 15 L / M² in the middle and 15 to 25 L / M² in the east of the country.

Saturday :

This rainy disturbance will drag on throughout the day in the eastern regions and clearing will appear on the ocean side and in the western part of the country.

As the winds turn to the northwest, cold sea air will cover the country, returning to temperatures of 6 to 8 º C in the afternoon. In the evening light rain may turn into snow or sleet at altitude altitude, dry elsewhere under cloudy or variable skies, with some rough local snow, at least +2 to -2.

Sunday :

The depression will spread from our regions to Central Europe, and with the arrival of a more cold and unstable sea air we will lose a few degrees, with plenty of rain or snow in the middle and the snow melting. . Temperatures range from 2 to 6 ദിവസം C during the day, but in the evening the huts drop to between 1 in Fagnes and 20 on the plains and coast.

Next week’s evolution:

It will be even colder with the installation of the northeastern intercontinental power supply in Western Europe. It is likely to rain every day, with low temperatures or snow in the plains or melting snow in the Ardennes region.

Depending on the altitude, the maximum is -3 to +3º and the minimum is -3 to -9º from west to east in the country. It should be a little chilly on the weekends, but night frosts will persist in all areas.

Possible trend for the weekend of February 13-14 to Wednesday, February 17:

The forecast models envisage the return of moderate conditions, and the return of rainy episodes may also temporarily precede the Ardennes territory.

It gradually rises to a maximum of 6 to 10º in the plains and between 3 and 6º in the Ardennes. At the end of the period, the minimum ordinance will be -1 to +2º, but Sambre, +2 to +4 സാം north of Muse Grove.

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