After a long wait, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature


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WhatsApp has introduced a feature that allows users to share documents up to 2GB on the latest versions of smartphones and desktops for the world-famous Android and iOS systems. Users around the world.

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that users have been waiting for, especially in large work teams, after it became available to a limited number of 257 members, allowing the popular app feature to enable more people to create and join larger groups.

Today, users can add up to 512 people to the WhatsApp groups for Android, iOS, and desktop. Application.

With the ability to create groups of 512 participants or open group information and add them later, users can check and activate this feature in their account by attempting to create a group in the app and checking the number of people they can. Add to it.

The company announced this feature a month ago, and until this feature is released to almost all users today, it will be available to everyone within 24 hours, and it is important to make sure that users are using the updated version of WhatsApp. The Play Store is updating the app from the App Store and TestFlight.


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