After 85 years, photographic equipment was found in a glacier in Canada

After months of Search for, A bunch of of Scientists and explorers he thought One Advanced Compilation of Equipment photographic the left hairs Photographer and cartographer Bradford Washburn not canada 1937.

Washburn era Responsible pictures Awesome and the mountains of the United States no Canada, E as well as He was one of the The pioneers And Aerial photography for Search for of the mountains. on time An expedition ao Monte Lucania, A The third mountain the most Alta From Canada, oh want Tempo O Forced A Avoid-with And the majority yours Cameras, Equipment of Search for and goods for Survive.

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Scientists have discovered devices that have been abandoned for nearly 90 years

The relentless search was like finding a needle in a haystack for the team involved. During those 85 years, the glaciers that covered the mountain moved and changed its shape. The team learns that equipment has been left on the remote Walsh Glacier. Scientists were able to pinpoint the exact location by comparing photos from then and now and by calculating the rate of movement of the glaciers.

Dora Medzica from the University of Ottawa was responsible for the calculations. According to her, the Walsh Glacier shows some distinct movements, where there were peaks of these movements of one or two years in a decade. This problem made the search very difficult, however, the equipment was found about 5 km lower than expected, a total of 22 km from where its owner had left it.

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Among the recovered devices was a camera of Aerial photography Fairchild F-8 and two camcorders of the time, which still had film on them. The idea of ​​the explorers is to expose them in order to obtain unprecedented images of the glacier and better understand its movement process all these years.

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