After 80 days in the open sea, they return home aboard a ship

After 80 days in the open sea, they return home aboard a ship

Most Expensive Airfares – Jake Shepard and Tamara Eli decided to board a ship from Panama in a desperate attempt to circumvent flight restrictions and very expensive airfare. On September 1, they completed the last leg of an excursion from Fiji to Queensland’s tourist Gold Coast as the final leg of their adventurous return journey.

Away from Thailand – Initially trapped in March in Thailand, where they worked as tour guides, they had to leave the country after repeated visa expirations and went to any destination that welcomed them. They ended up in Panama, but could not secure an accessible flight from there to Australia.

Last option – As a last resort, they bought a 13-meter ship, the China Plate, with a drunken and unreliable captain, who, despite many misfortunes, sailed 3,000 nautical miles to Fitzgerald, from where they eventually boarded a luxury yacht and took them to the Gold Coast, where they are still on the quarantine.

“Symbol of Hope” – Jake Shepard and Tamara Illy said tens of thousands of Australians still trapped abroad see themselves as a “symbol of hope”. They pointed out the cost of one-third of what they paid for on their Odyssey and airline tickets. The adventure of life, just “financial”. A return trip much longer than expected but certainly unforgettable.

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