Afghanistan, Taliban: “We captured Kandahar”

Afghanistan, Taliban: "We captured Kandahar"

“We conquered Kandahar.” The Taliban Those who claim complete control of the second city, KandaharAfghanistan. Videos of soldiers celebrating in the city’s main square have been published online. The Taliban have taken control of a Lashkar-e-Taiba prison in Helmand province and released prisoners. Al-Jazeera broadcaster reported on hundreds of prisoners released by the rebels.

Afghanistan, US alarm: “Kabul will fall to Taliban in 90 days”

The symbolic city of Kandahar was captured by the Taliban

Kandahar is of Taliban importance as Mullah Omar was born here. Moreover, during the five-year rule of the Taliban, Omar led the country from a refugee home in Kandahar, where he was practically isolated, with no contact with the outside world. Among those few who had the privilege of speaking to him was former Taliban foreign affairs lawyer Ahmed Muttawak, a loyal spokesman for Mullah. Mulla Mansoor, the successor of Mulla Omar, was born near Kandahar.

Afghanistan and the Taliban have taken control of Ghazni

Ghazni, the capital of the gay province of southeastern Afghanistan, has been taken over by Taliban forces. Sources official sources report this. In Ghazni, the Taliban took control of key government buildings, including the governor’s office and police headquarters. Two local councilors, Nasir Ahmed Fakhiri and Amanullah Kamran, accused by the governor of making a deal with the Taliban, stormed a provincial jail to hand over the city to them. According to two advisers, only a small contingent of government forces guarding the intelligence offices is resisting the Taliban. Ghazni, with a population of about 180,000, is located on the main ‘ring road’ that connects the largest cities in the country. Due to its proximity to Kabul, the Taliban have made several attempts to gain control over the past few years. With the fall of Ghazni, the Taliban now control 10 capitals in the country’s 34 provinces. All these advances happened within a week.

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Afghanistan, Taliban: “We have entered Paul-e Khomri”: the eighth conquered capital

Governor Ghazni was arrested after fleeing

Afghan security forces have arrested Ghazni, a Taliban insurgent, just hours after he left the strategic city of Kabul. Local sources report this. The deputy governor was also under attack, and they too fled. Maidan Shahar, the capital of the neighboring province of Maidan Wardak, was arrested by Governor Mohammad Dawood Laghmani along with all his employees. According to some sources in Ghazni, the Taliban entered the city in the morning “after an agreement with the governor and the police chief”, but Fazal Ahmad remained in the city of Shirzad. The Taliban confirm that they have given the governor a pass to go to Kabul.

The Taliban, because the uprising in Afghanistan is linked to the potential for terrorism in Europe

Biden seeks international mobilization

The Biden administration’s latest card seeks to thwart the Taliban’s inevitable advance, prompting an international mobilization to convince them that capturing Afghanistan by force will never be acceptable. This is the purpose of the meetings in Doha, the largest meeting between the United States and the Taliban since talks began two years ago. Representatives from Russia, China, the European Union, the United Nations, the Islamic Conference Organization, and countries bordering Afghanistan are in attendance. It is hoped that in the meetings with the Taliban and in the final joint statement expected today after the final session, a united front will be presented denying all possible ties and diplomatic assistance to the Taliban government established in Kabul. Russia, China, Iran and other countries in the region that have recently received Taliban representatives have already sent messages. Sources in the Biden government explain that the Taliban’s violent takeover was condemned by all and said to be in their best interests. “It’s time to dump her and move on.” Iran has been invited to today’s talks but has decided not to attend. Moreover, while the international community today can speak with one voice, it has not hidden the fear that it may be too late to stop the Taliban’s increasingly powerful advance.

Moscow believes in the US: Kabul will fall

Russia believes US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) assessment that Kabul is likely to fall in the coming months. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made the announcement. “Well, everything that happens in Afghanistan is the result of a 20 – year US presence, and we believe the CIA’s assessments,” Lavrov told reporters when asked if Moscow shared the CIA’s opinion that Kabul would fall in a few months. Interfax reports it.

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