Afghan Taliban leader bans polygamy for his commanders

Afghan Taliban leader bans polygamy for his commanders

Afghan Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada has ordered the most important members of the group that controls the majority of Afghanistan to abandon polygamy. This order has nothing to do with the interpretation of religious injunctions concerning more than one wife: the problem is the allegations of corruption received by several Taliban leaders. In many parts of Afghanistan, men have to pay dowry to the families of future brides, and some Taliban leaders have embezzled funds from the group to provide dowry for second, third and fourth wives, creating discontent among wealthy members. .

Polygamy – or polygamy, because women are not allowed to have more than one husband – is legal in many populous or Muslim countries in Asia and Africa. A part The Qur’an It says that a man can have two or three or four wives; Although many Muslims have a single wife, polygamy is considered common in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

The issue of the Afghan Taliban, An article explains BBC, The way some of them raised money to marry more women (and then support them and their married children) gave their local rivals an excuse to criticize them. Mulla Hibatullah explained that in his order to avoid multiple new marriages, the decision was made to avoid “criticism from enemies”. According to some of the stories collected BBC, Some Taliban have spent the equivalent of 20,000 to 80,000 euros to get married, using the group’s resources or raising money in a suspicious way.

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However, Mullah Hibatullah’s order is not retrospective – it does not eliminate multiple marriages previously performed by Taliban leaders – nor does it completely ban polygamy. Second, third or fourth marriages will continue to allow men who want to marry a widow who has no children (or only daughters) in the previous unions (i.e., a woman in distress, such as Afghanistan) or who can afford more wives and new marriages because they have family property. However, even in the case of these exceptions, the Taliban will have to ask their superiors to approve new marriages.

Most Taliban leaders are polygamous. when BBC She asked sources within the group of multiple wives, and she received the answer: “Which is not a substitute”. Akhundzadah of Hibat has two wives. Mulla Omar, Historic head of the Taliban who died in 2013, He had three.

Akhundzada’s decision on polygamy came at a very sensitive time for the Taliban and the whole of Afghanistan, as the group has been in peace talks with the Afghan government and in talks to withdraw U.S. troops.

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