AEW wrestlers should be a little more rough

AEW wrestlers should be a little more rough

The speeches of wrestlers and wrestlers in AEW are often very vulgar compared to WWE, where the lines are much softer and more respectful. AEW is a TV-14 product and two different products as WWE is for all ages.

Today, we learn via Wrestling Observer that the AEW stars will have to pay more attention to their vocabulary. Their source mentions that leaders of Warner Bros. Discovery (the media group that broadcasts AEW in the United States) contacted AEW and asked them to tone down the use of foul language when a wrestler speaks.

Promos in AEW have to be approved by the creative team, but that doesn’t stop the text from being very free, sometimes only the concept is approved for the storyline, but the wrestler can say his lines however he likes. As in the last promo, words like ‘shit’ and ‘bitch’ are used, not forgetting the threats to kill the opponent.

We will have to watch the next episodes of Dynamite and Rampage to see if there is a real change.

Photo credit: AEW

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