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Aer Lingus pilots strike tens of thousands of passengers

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Irish pilots on strike! From Wednesday June 26 to Sunday June 30, Aer Lingus pilots refused any change in duty schedules and overtime. Their goal: get a 24% pay rise. This is an additional €50,000 per year. In total, 35,000 passengers have been grounded.

With our correspondent in Dublin, Clemens Pennard

Around 300 flights were cancelled. Like Jenny Corcoran, who was to be reunited with her family in New York today.

I booked my flight months ago and they canceled it at the last minute », she exclaims. ” It ruined my plans. The country really relies on Aer Lingus for flights to the United States: these are direct flights and the best prices. So when they cancel all their flights, you have no choice but to leave… »

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More grounded flights

And the strike is affecting many Swifties, fans of American superstar Taylor Swift. This weekend she performs three concerts in Dublin. So, to reach her destination on time, this fan, interviewed by RTE, found an alternative solution.

Read more in the RFI

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