Advice to Ukrainian soldiers: Keep the mobile code at home

Advice to Ukrainian soldiers: Keep the mobile code at home

Ukrainian soldiers described the dangers of using mobile phones at the forefront of the conflict with Russian troops.



“When you catch a drone, it’s about five seconds for you to leave the position and flee.

The text also describes how phones are monitored on the battlefield.

Devices mounted on drones and trucks send forward signals to pick up signals from nearby phones. Simulators trick phones into connecting to those devices, after which they measure signals. After a final analysis of the signal strength, the phones can be located so that shelling can be directed to that location.

You can also locate the phone using other systems by accessing the phone’s GPS system. By any means, the British network Sky points out that the enemy forces are gaining a slight position in the roots of the phone.

The Ukrainian military says it is aware that the Russians are using the Lier-3 system, which includes two drones and a command truck, as a means of locating their troops. This system can detect more than two thousand phones in a specific area.

Ukraine advised soldiers to use mobile phones

The Ukrainian part is believed to use similar technology. Sky recalls that in mid-March, U.S. officials told the New York Times that at least one Russian general had been killed after Ukrainian intelligence received his mobile phone call.

For this reason, the Ukrainian army advised the troops in the fight against the Russians in the Donbass region.

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For example, they recommend leaving your own SIM card at home, getting a new one on the battlefield, making a phone call hundreds of meters away from a military detachment, switching in the presence of an armed comrade, calling civilians and recently releasing them. Places, keep your phone off, be careful even when cooperating with the local population, because it cooperates with the Russian side.

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