Advice for “old browser” users … Escape before the last minute

Advice for "old browser" users ... Escape before the last minute

Alan Al-Kharih, a technology expert, said in an interview with Sky News Arabia, “The company.”MicrosoftSoon after, it developed an alternative browser called “Microsoft Edge”, but that did not prevent many companies and people from using the “old browser” Internet Explorer.

Al-Qarih added that despite Microsoft’s repeated warnings that Internet Explorer will end in 2022, it is still difficult to convince certain sections of people and companies of the need to abandon it. And does not comply with modern working requirements such as browsers. Google Chrome Or even Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

According to al-Qarih, Microsoft In particular, you want companies to not wait until the last minute to transfer their business from the “old browser” to avoid anything that could be costly to their commercial operations related to the operation of the browser, especially IT. The environment is complex. But along with these recommendations, there are companies that insist on using Explorer despite repeated requests from Microsoft.

Heavy attack

Hisham Al-Nattoor, a technology development specialist, told Sky News Arabia that hackers Internet Since the beginning of 2022, they have intensified their attacks on Internet Explorer users in 150 countries, with nearly 10,000 Redline malware attacks in April 2022 alone.

Concierge explains that Redline’s software allows hackers to access system information such as usernames, tools, installed browsers, and anti-virus software. VirusesBefore they steal passwords, credit cards, and cryptocurrency wallets and transfer them to their own servers.

Explorer will no longer save

Therefore, al-Natur sees the importance of paying attention to Microsoft without waiting until the last minute to complete the conversion, indicating that Internet Explorer will no longer be able to protect them and that after June 15, 2022, Internet Security Explorer’s security responsibility will change. It’s not a company that knows exactly what its users, the browser, can prevent any attack Pirate.

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