Advertisements reached the Telegram: This is how it is seen and acted upon

Advertisements reached the Telegram: This is how it is seen and acted upon

About a year after its founder was announced, the instant messaging app adds the option to advertise on channels for a fee. But these are not ads you are familiar with from Facebook or Google

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In December last year, the founder of the Telegram Pavel Dorov to financially survive, Its platform will add premium features like ads And paid sticker packs – now it happens. Telegram opens its advertising platform to individuals and organizations, and so it works.

Not ads you know from elsewhere

Telegram’s new advertising platform (Telegram Advertising Platform) is now available to anyone who wants to get started and reach a new audience through the instant messaging app – with over 500 million active users per month, and its users generating half a trillion of content per month. Those channels.

The new platform will allow those who wish to advertise on Telegram to reach multiple Telegram users on public channels with more than 1,000 users and not in public or private groups. The Telegram system gives advertisers the ability to determine what type of channels they want to target and the languages ​​of the channels they are interested in. Additionally, advertisers can select certain channels they want to target and select channels or topics for which their ad may not work.

This is how you create an ad in Telegram Screenshot

With the announcement of the addition of ads to the platform, Dorov reiterated the Telegram: the company only allows advertising based on channel types and languages, and does not allow users to be targeted directly because it does not plan to collect user information. Ads. “User information is not collected or analyzed for advertising. Each user on a particular telegram channel sees the same sponsored message.”

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“Sponsored Posts” (AKA Ads) Source: Telegram

In addition to not allowing direct targeting, Telegram clarifies that ads will not be allowed to be sent to external links, as no information about the user will be collected or its actions will be analyzed after clicking on it. According to Telegram, the reason is to ensure that users of the platform are not tracked by third-party entities: “Anon believes that everyone has a right to privacy, and that technology platforms must respect that.”

Since the platform is still in its infancy, Telegram will begin to share revenue from these ads with the owners of the channels that allow the ads – in what it calls “test mode” – when it is fully active. The best print is that this division will take place only after the telegram “covers its basic costs”.

Telegram also broadcasts a complete guide for an advertiser starting on a platform, including how to create an ad from scratch, the subject of advertising budgeting, whether advertisers know how their ad is, whether telegram employees have checked in or budgeted to continue. Guide found Here.

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