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As a music app that caters to a generation of young people, Kugou Music’s name is familiar. However, as competition intensifies, today’s Kugou experience is very different from past experiences, full of trouble-free ads and unexpected features. While wandering too soon, the editor stumbled upon a concept version developed by Kugau, in addition to the standard version. In addition to the innovative style, this concept version will automatically give VIP members 3 months, which is so much fun!

1. Interface experience

Maybe it’s ruined by ads. When I first saw the Kugau screen opening interface, I was not used to it – the Kugou concept version did not even have an opening screen ad!

The interface adopts the popular mimetic style, which is absolutely stunning. In my opinion no music APP seems to have adopted this style. At the same time, this mimetic style is perfectly suited not only for the interface, but also for the buttons, dialog boxes, and almost everything you can see. By the way, there are no ads here!

The page is divided into three groups: “Discover”, “Play” and “My”. It eliminates a lot of random functions like live streaming, video, chat, etc. and returns to the essence of listening to songs. The account can interact with the standard version and previously collected songs,Cloud DiskMusic and roaming playlists will be displayed automatically here, we do not have to do anything.

2. Sound and interface

The sound effect is still Kugo’s classic wiper sound effect, which can be found by clicking on the “…” on the right side of the play page. Since you are now providing VIP, you can experience all the sound effects here.

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The playback interface offers a total of two styles of rotation and photo. The standard version has several bells and whistles, which allow people to focus more on listening to the songs. At the same time, another difference from the standard version is that video playback is excluded here.

3. Features

The sharing function is also different from the old one, more concise and artistic, and added a “channel” option to the sharing channel.

The “channel” concept version is unique in that it can be seen as a distribution center for the same “taste” music. After joining your favorite channel, you’ll find more songs to your liking, and you’ll see more friends who share similar views. The whole category has a strong community flavor. You can not only write about your daily listening experience, but also like other people’s posts and support sharing the entire channel. A channel update area is reserved at the top of the “Discover” page, which allows you to quickly find the various “movements” in the channel.

“Zhongle” is another way to search for songs. Unlike the active attack of channels, “Zhongle” is basically a set of playing cards that the software recommends live according to the songs you play. The whole music actually consists of two parts: “Listen, Follow” and “Broadcast”. Listen is what we said earlier. After intelligently pushing the software, you can click and listen to songs recommended by others. The radio releases songs into the community for others to hear. In short, Zhongle is another form of music recommendation that is more style appropriate and has less social elements compared to channels.

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Write at the end

Overall, this Kugou concept version is absolutely delicious, concise, refined and ad-free. Music provides all the functions, and it really reaches the heights that a music player should have. Plus it comes with a huge bonus, you get 3 months VIP membership when you download it, no loss + no ads + members listening, such a temptation, why not give it a try now!

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