Administrative election in Great Britain: Anshelmeyer (Oxford) reaffirms “half-split between pro-country and anti-Europe”

Ireland: Msgr.  Farrell (Dublin), "Climate crisis is the greatest challenge facing humanity"

“Even though the Tories lost about 500 city councilors in England, Scotland and Wales, Boris Johnson Downing, who reaffirmed his control of 11 governments and became the champion of the anti – European poor party, will not be able to win back the Eucharist.” According to the SIR, the results of yesterday’s British local elections were voted on by 32 Scottish municipal councils, including London, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham, with 90 seats in the Northern Irish Parliament and 90’s pro-European parties, including most European pro-European parties. It has been reaffirmed that it is halved between the pros and cons, “explains the political scientist in Northern Ireland. നു. This is a very difficult situation because the Sin Sinha party, which wants to bring the region back to the Irish Republic, has won for the first time. The “Dupe” party, which wants to stay with Great Britain, refuses to cooperate. In Scotland, the nationalist SNP party, which calls for a second referendum on independence, has reaffirmed its victory, but there are no signs of the region seceding from the United Kingdom. Most Scots are against this theory, and the region’s economy will collapse. ”

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