Add your business to Google and display it on Google Maps

Add your business to Google and display it on Google Maps

With current technology, everyone can get up close and personal with the various shops nearby using Google Maps. Users visit the shops to see the details of the shop that appears on Google Maps. Google Maps can be very useful for users and businesses.

Did you know that you can grow your business by registering the restaurant, salon and other shops where you do business on Google Maps? If you do not know, this is for you ..! Registering your business on Google Maps will grow your business significantly. By registering your business on Google Maps, users will see your business complexes.

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Add your businesses to Google Maps like this.

1. First, sign in to ‘Google My Business’ in a web browser. If you do not have a business account, click Create Account.

2. Click ‘Manage Now’ on my Business Home page. Enter your business details in the search bar on another screen. In the drop-downs under the search bar, select ‘Create Business With This Name’.

Note: If your business name and address appear in the drop down, your business will already be listed as listed on Google Maps. Claim this as your business.

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3. Name your business on the next page. Enter business categories. Choose a category that is relevant to your business.

4. Next choose whether your business location should appear on Google Maps. Select ‘Know or Know’ and click on the Next button.
Note: If your business complex is close to your home, it is best not to place the business space on Google Maps.

5. If you click ‘Yas’ to display your business community on Google Maps, follow these steps. Enter your business address on the next screen.

6. On the next page, enter the phone number and website of your business and click Next.

7. Select whether Google Business wants to send updates and recommendations for your business and click Next.

8. If you choose not to enter a business address, you will need to provide your personal e-mail to confirm your business. This address is not visible to users. Enter your address and press the Next button or select ‘Check later’.

9. Click the drop-down button to select a method to verify your business. Depending on your business type, only certain verification methods are available to you. You can verify your business via the email and verification code sent by Google to your phone. If you have a Google Search Console account, it will be checked immediately,

10. Next you will get several prompts to set up your Google My Business page. You can add business hours. You can set up messaging permissions and write your own business description. You can also upload business related photos.

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11. After entering all the information needed to set up your business, Google will redirect you to your business page, where you can add additional information, such as the business logo and co-managers.

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