Actress Henriet Confucius: Fear like a drive

Actress Henriet Confucius: Fear like a drive

The year 2021 is very important for the career of Henriet Confucius in his 30s. After the Netflix series “Tribes of Europe” she can be seen in two movies: “The Girl and Spider” and “Relationship Generation Inkable of Relations”. The power required for her game comes from nature. In an interview, she explains how these experiences helped her reach her full potential.

The Red Bulletin: The two movies with you start almost at the same time. Is there a general category?

Henriette Confucius: Perhaps the fear of acknowledging feelings and then expressing them honestly. And the fear of the pain of being abandoned.

What is your experience and can you overcome such fears?

In principle, fear is not a bad thing. Fear can also be a driver. It only becomes a problem when it prevents you from leading the life you want to lead.

How did you find out which life you wanted to lead?

An important experience was that when I was seventeen I lived for a year on a farm in Ireland. I started acting when I was ten and I didn’t want to continue. I dropped out of school too – so I took a break from my life.

I worked on a farm for a year. It shaped me.

Netflix star Henriet Confucius has taken a “break from life” in Ireland.

That’s what made you

But you don’t spin the cows every day.

No, but I get up early to watch the sunrise. In everyday life you ask a lot of questions that cause a background noise of anxiety and stress. It disappears in moments like this. If I had been outside earlier and had fresh air, I would have found myself in a rhythm that suits me. It has a similar effect when I walk through the woods or by the sea.

What is your most intense natural experience so far?

Six months ago I wandered around Georgia for a month – not really being able to read the maps. Also, I didn’t have a lot of care with me. Once I was in nature for two days without seeing anyone. But I did not expect anything to happen to me. I thought I would meet someone.

Where did you get this security?

I have to admit there was a bit of innocence in it. But I am someone who can feel safe in dangerous situations. I think I have learned to deal with my fears, especially from my experiences in nature. Many are head problems.

For example, with an ice bath. Usually the concept of ice-cold water stimulates fear, for example of catching a disease. We think we are in danger there. But it will not allow you to evaluate your feelings. It’s like meditation – you see. Tell yourself: it’s cold, it does this to my body. My heart beats very fast and very slowly. The colors I see change. What I hear and my sense of timing change. I saw a similar example when I was shooting “The Girl and the Spider”, where I had to let a spider run in my hand. At first the body was tense from the spontaneous hatred, but then I watched her and everything happened, and then I was calm.

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