Actress Eva Haberman is currently producing horror movies

Actress Eva Haberman is currently producing horror movies

Hamburg. Actress Eva Haberman is indebted not only to a new man for shooting a movie, but also to a new passion: instead of standing in front of the camera as usual, the Hamburg native is now producing “free movies”, some of which are cast internationally and sometimes of good horror. The 45-year-old from the German press agency (“Our Farm in Ireland”) owes her the courage to slip from the role of actress to the role of producer to happy coincidences.

“While filming Trolls World, I fell in love with one of the producers, in which I had to play a troll crazy woman.” -Badden-Baden aged to give a hand. “Time was like an internship for me. That’s when I realized how much I could study and how much I enjoyed filmmaking.

Hoberman stars in horror comedy

The fact that Haberman does not want to limit herself to the creative implementation of her cinematic ideas is evident in her third self-produced film, “Sistil,” which will be released on October 22, and she has US colleagues Jason Douglas (“The Walking Dead”) and trash cult star Greg Cestro. In horror comedy, the actress takes on the role of an honest nurse who follows a killer cyst monster after a failed experiment.

However, she is not afraid to intimidate her regular audience with such strange objects. “I still do regular series like ‘Das Tramshif’, but you have to do something extraordinary to be noticed as a freelance filmmaker,” she said.

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